Science-Ethics-Faith conferences

The next Science-Ethics-Faith conference is planned for June 10-13, 2021, at Polish Academy of Science conference facility in Będlewo near Poznań. This time we will focus on God’s Action in the World from an Interdisciplinary Approach. (The list below presents examples of potential conference presentations).

From the perspective of religion and theology:
• Effectiveness of prayer
• Inspiration of the Bible
• Predictive prophecy
• Phenomenon of repentence (conversion)
• Eschatology: God’s action in the future
• Miracles from the theological and biblical perspective
• God’s work according to different branches of Christianity
• Divine action in non-Christian religions
• God’s providence
• Divine action: directly and through the secondary causes
• Creation and sustaining the world in existence
• Divine action according to specific theologians, Reformers and Church Fathers
• Knowability of God
• Apocalyptic literature
From the perspective of history and social sciences:
• Divine action in history
• Divine action in politics
• God’s action in human life from the perspective of psychology
• The action of God and the origin of moral principles and conscience
• Divine action and human free will
From the perspective of philosphy:
• Philosophical concepts of God and divine activity
• Divine action and coincidence
• God’s action and the causal closure of the universe, determinism
• Divine action and the problem of evil and suffering

(Also the subpoints related above to religion and theology may be considered from the philosophical point of view)

From the perspective of science:
• Miracles and the laws of nature
• Is empirically detectable action of God possible?
• Divine action and origin of life
• God’s action and origin of human consciousness, inteligence, idea of artificial inteligence
• Scientifc approach to supernatural, methodological naturalism
• Finetuning of the universe

The formal Call for papers will be issued in a near future. It will include more detailed information about the conference. In the meantime – if you are interested in the conference main theme – please  contact  the conference organizers by email:  kontakt (at) chfpn.pl

The conference location (link to googlemaps)


Science-Ethics-Faith conferences have been organized by the Polish Christian Faculty Forum since 2005. They are interdisciplinary international meetings, which create a space for free exchange of ideas on the realtionships between these three important areas of human experience and activity. Some people believe that science and faith are in inevitable conflict, some focus more on harmony between these two; some claim they are totally separated. The conference organizers are convinced that Christianity may offer a reasonable and rational perspective on this discussion with applications in the fields of ethics, knowledge, and practical human life.

The first two Science-Ethics-Faith conferences (in 2005 and 2007) didn’t have a specific subtopic. The one in 2009 dealt with different aspects of information. Human digninty was the main idea behind the 2011 conference. And after that:
2013 – Science: limitations and opportunities;
2015 – Science and faith – challenges of the future;
2018 – The impact of ideologies on science and social life.

The texts of the conference presentations and lectures are published in a peer reviewed book format and also available at the Polish Christian Faculty Forum website www.chfpn.pl . Most of them are in the Polish language, but some are in English.