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The Conference Science - Ethics - Faith 2005

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NEW ‘05 

The Conference “Science-Ethics-Faith”, organized by Christian Professors’ Forum, took place in Wisla in Southern Poland since April 29 to May 3.


About 70 participants – mainly Polish professors, but also a few from other countries, listened to almost 30 lectures, presentations and discussions, concerning relations of science, ethics, faith and contemporary social problems.


One of our special guests, former Prime Minister of Poland, Jerzy Buzek (he and his government worked on important economical Polish reforms in years 1997-2001), spoke at a panel discussion on ethics in politics.


Another special guest was Professor Henry Fritz Schaefer, an outstanding quantum chemist from the University of Georgia, 5 times nominated to the Nobel Prize. He spoke on a relation between science and Christian beliefs, pointing how seriously many prominent scientists (physicists, cosmologists) both in the past and today believed in the creation of the Universe. Just after the Conference Prof. Schaefer spoke on universities in Cracow and Warsaw.


Prof. Günther Schultz from University in Münster presented history and works of Evangelische Forschungsakademie – a Christian professors’ fellowship in Germany.


Several lectures at the Conference referred to Christian apologetics and showed the need of personal faith in Jesus Christ as God and Savior. In the evenings participants listened to Christian music concerts and personal testimonies. Sometimes auditorium joined singers in singing Christian songs.


The Conference was a really interdisciplinary gathering of specialists of ethics, psychologists, pedagogues, philosophers, theologians, mathematicians, physicists, historians, engineers and medical doctors. Even if the program was very busy, all professors took active part in discussions after the lectures. One of them spontaneously organized an evening discussion on the subject of prayer.


According to the opinions during evaluation, the Conference was a big success. On the last day organizers heard many words of appreciation from the participants.


Prof. Andrzej Hlawiczka from the Electronics’ Institute of the Silesian Technical University in Gliwice was the Chairman of the Conference.


Prof. Janusz Keller from the Department of Nutrition of the Agricultural University in Warsaw was the leader of the Program Committee.


Dr. Krzysztof Wojciechowski from the Department of Materials Engineering of AGH University of Science and Technology opened the conference with a foreword and prayer.


The Conference was co-sponsored by the Professors’ Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, led by Andrzej Zabolotny.



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Text and pictures: Ireneusz Barela, CPF

Pictures from the Conference:


April 30th

May 1st

May 2nd

May 3rd


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